With a desire to protect our front line health care workers in the COVID-19 fight, our sister company, Delphic Singapore is the licensed manufacturer for the Droplet & Aerosol reducing Tent (DART) designed & fabricated in Singapore. Aptly named “CANOPY ONE”, this DART box is designed to protect medical staff during the COVID-19 testing patient intubation process. When tubes or swabs are inserted into the patient’s windpipes, coughing is inevitable and so medical staff are unnecessarily exposed to the COVID-19 Virus. The airborne droplets caused by the patient’s cough will be removed through CANOPY ONE’s negative pressure environment using a HEPA Filter, protecting them against cross infections.

CANOPY ONE is fabricated using Polycarbonate Panels with 3D printed Carbon Fiber Composite Nylon materials to withstand alcohol & steam sterilization, and is designed to be collapsible for easy storage with 4 access points for medical procedures. All fabrication and quality checks are done in-house in Singapore to ensure we deliver a high quality and reliable product.

Each box comes with a HEPA filter, centrifugal fan motor, Assembly instructions (USB), 1 set of spare parts & battery for field usage.

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